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Adults: $375 Initial Consult 60 min, $275 Follow up 30 min

Children: $300 Initial Consult 60 min, $200 Follow up 30 min

Visit fee covers consultation, assessment and treatment planning.
Form completion will start at $25 per page.
Same day, next day, flexible scheduling.
Access to some member cash pricing for meds, labs, diagnostics.
Any testing, diagnostics, procedures, or medications will be an additional charge, and are subject to change and variation. 
Visits are meant to be ACUTE type issues. If there is need for ongoing care beyond 2-3 visits at the discretion of the provider, it is recommended that the patient consider DPC membership.
Nonmembers do not have direct text, call, video access as members do and are limited to calls during regular business hours. 
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