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What Patients Think About Us

Brought Me Back 

"I had chronic foot pain for nearly 3 years - limping everyday, constant swelling and an inability to do even the most simple of things, like walking or standing.  I had seen a dozen specialists, doctors and had many tests done, all which brought me no closer to solving this chronic pain I was constantly dealing with.  Dr. Vo listened to my issues and took a full-body and mindful approach to my problem, immediately differentiating himself from every other medical professional I had been treated by.  He treats not only the problematic spot, but the whole body, to ensure lasting relief as well as a way to prevent that chronic pain from relapsing.  Dr. Vo is a brilliant, kind, talented and warm person.  After 4 years of chronic pain, I have only Dr. Vo to thank for bringing me back to a place where I can walk, run, stand, bike and hike with NO pain or discomfort - something I thought impossible.  I am forever grateful for his excellent and conscientious care - he brought me back to 100%!"

---Nathaniel Wolkstein 5/3/2019

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